Our green credentials

We at Dales Bike Centre are dedicated to being as environmentally friendly and as sustainable as we can. 

This dedication started at the drawing board, with the brief given to the architect designing the renovations and new build with sustainability in mind. 

Here's our commitment to making our business a sustainable and efficient one.


Ground Source Heating system which also partially heats the hot water
Underfloor heating on both floors of the building
Double glazing on every door and window
Full 250mm of loft insulation
Heat exchanger extraction in the cafe kitchen
Triple A rated appliances wherever possible
Energy efficient lighting system, every light bulb!
Bio-disc fowl water mini-treatment plant
Water efficient cisterns


Ingredients sourced from local growers & suppliers were possible
Food waste management 
Green waste composted
All cleaning products environmentally friendly

Bike Shop

Water recycling bike wash
Strict recycling practice of cardboard, glass, plastic, paper, metal
Bike lubes and cleaners environmentally friendly
Using recycled paper, envelopes & toilet paper

Encourage lots and lots of cycle usage.
Secure cycle storage, cycle parking stands, bike wash
Discounts for those arriving using public transport
This is a developing Green Policy and as our business grows and develops so will it. 

For further information about any of our Green Policy, email: enquiries@dalesbikecentre.co.uk