Corporate - Case Study

This mountain bike event took place in October 2009 for a commercial insurance company based in Leeds inviting key staff and associates. The invited staff and associates travelled from Leeds and Newcastle. The booking was made about 2 months in advance, the client was sent all the relevant information required.

The event program involved one overnight stay at a nearby local hotel and one day of mountain biking with two guides. On the day of the event the group met at Dales Bike Centre for coffee, briefing, issue mountain bikes and equipment. Plenty of instruction and time was allowed to familiarise with the bikes in the grounds. Format for the day was to ride as one whole group in the morning focussing on riding skills development then back to Dales Bike Centre for lunch. More of a ride in the afternoon putting into practice the skills acquired. The group split into two with a longer more adventurous ride for the more experienced and a more suitable ride for those still gaining more confidence. The ride ended back at Dales Bike Centre to shower and change, debrief, tea/coffee and cake before leaving.


Why choose mountain biking over conventional activities like golf and wine tasting?

Golf etc. have been done so many times we were looking for something a bit different, memorable, exciting and in the great outdoors. A few of us here cycle and thought mountain biking would be worth looking into but we needed to find the right provider

What made the decision to book with Dales Bike Centre over others?

We contacted a few providers who were a bit vague. When we contacted Stuart at Dales Bike Centre he instantly and clearly explained what they could do, the programs they have delivered and gave a good estimate of cost. Decision made! these guys know what they are doing!

What aims did you hope to fulfil from the mountain biking day/event?

We wanted a memorable experience, a network event and for our staff, clients and associates to collectively experience outside the work environment.

How many in your group and how was it made up ie. Company staff/clients/guests?

We had key clients, associates and staff that work together who we hoped would gain a lot out of the event. In total there were eight.

How would you describe your groups fitness and experience with regard to mountain biking?

On Stuart's advice we tentatively enquired about everyone's cycling experience. Ours was a mixed group from confident regular cyclist with not much offroad experience through to a few very experienced mountain bikers.

How well did Dales Bike Centre deliver the mountain bike experience in relation to your group's fitness, experience?

The event was extremely well organised, managed and delivered. Stuart met up with us the night before which put nervous minds to rest. We rode as group doing skills tuition in the morning which everyone got a lot out of. The afternoon we split up to have a steadier ride and a more adventurous ride which worked very well indeed.

How did Dales Bike Centre deliver on your aims from the day/event?

Seeing everyone working on their riding skills encouraging each other and laughing together summed it up for us. We feel relationships were built and cemented on that event, staff and associates are more akin to pick up the phone and deal in a more positive and proactive manor. The kinship formed on the back of the mountain bike day has made it very worthwhile to our organisation.

What sort of feedback have you received from company staff/clients/associates

Feedback on the day was unanimous amongst everyone a truly fantastic and memorable day. I returned to work to a long list of thank you emails from all that attended and a longer list of light banter. We seem to have ignited a desire in everyone to dig their bikes out.

Would you recommend mountain biking organised and delivered by Dales Bike Centre as corporate day/event?

We are planning our next event, absolutely, cannot recommend Dales Bike Centre enough!