Brenda's Cake Token


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Brenda's Cake Token

Enjoy eating loads of cake and pick up £5 worth of cake FREE!

A great way to get on board with our Crowdfund. Bren and the Cafe Cakery team are looking forward to welcoming members, there's sure to be good size cake portion when the card is flashed;-)

With this £50 purchase you'll get a voucher worth £55 to spend on cake in Dales Bike Centre cafe. We aren't expecting funders of this buy in to sit and eat £55 worth of cake in one go!  We're expecting you to spread your cake purchasing over a few visits:-)

It'll be awesome to have you onboard with this exciting journey ahead

Many thanks
Stu, Bren and the Team

£55 Card token
Your name within the mural on the feature wall of the new café.
Cake tokens valid from 1st April 2019 - 31st March 2020.
Card will be issued March 2019.
Regular email updates as we progress through the project build