One to One MTB Skills Courses


One-to-One: Full Day


One-to-One: Half Day: (31/2 hours)


 Each extra rider



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What's included?

Rider focussed skills training
Post ride cake/coffee/tea
Mechanical facilities
CTC Skills Instructor

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One to One mountain bike riding skills tuition days totally focussed on you or you and your friends!

To enable us to tailor your day the first thing we do is listen to you, where your riding is at and what you want out of your day. Using that information we can plan the day focussing on key elements identified using the program described below:

Course Content

Bike set up - Often subtle little changes to your bike set-up can make a lot of difference making it more comfortable to ride, more responsive and give better handling. Your tutor may suggest slight changes and assist making them.

Riding skills - We'll explain the skills, demonstrate the skills and give you feedback as you practice. This feedback is very important to allow you to improve and gain the 'feel' of it being right. We use a number of coaching techniques we have developed over the ten years we have been working with riders.

Action plan - At the end of the day we like to offer you an informal action plan of what areas of you riding to work on. Essentially the more riding you do putting effort into practicing riding techniques on your regular rides the more skilled you will become.

Clients are always surprised at how many of these One to One days we do and amazed at how much progress they can make in one day.


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A big thank you for your expert advice, tuition and kind words over the last few days.  I could not have achieved so much without you.  You have equipped me with a great deal of knowledge and instilled in me a level of confidence to tackle terrain I would have normally baulked at.  Thank you ever so much.
Peter 28 3/2012