A family business

Dales Bike Centre opened December 2008, a 5 year project from an idea to doors open. 

Owned and run by Stuart and Brenda Price, not to mention our fantastic team of colleagues and friends that all play a big part in the day to day running.  Clare, Josh, Ian, Yvette, Katy, Alice and young Tommy all working with us on a mission to make your visit to Dales Bike Centre a great one.

Prior to opening Dales Bike Centre Stuart and Brenda ran a mountain biking business from their home nearby for 8 years under Dales Mountain Biking.  Dales Mountain Biking started out in 1996 with just 10 second hand bikes and a lot of enthusiasm!

Stu is a biking nut! (some say nutcase!) Usually found in and around the bike shop, behind a computer screen, riding bikes or just doing whatever needs doing next.  Stu is also a retained fire fighter for North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue so apologies if all of a sudden he drops everything and is off in a bit of a hurry.  A Cytech qualified bike technician with 20 years of experience, CTC Advanced Mountain Bike Leader, first aid qualified and in previous lives a mechanical maintenance engineer, YHA assistant, builders labourer and tractor driver.  All these skills come in to good use almost every day whilst ''living the dream";-)

Brenda is the Cafe & Cakery fairy as well as the business number cruncher.  Bren is by far the busiest person here...  Baking cakes, sorting cakes, researching cakes, ordering ingredients for cakes along with everything else for day to day running of a busy cafe. As if that isn't enough she fits in number crunching for the accounts and anything else to help smooth running of the bike centre.  She was born in Swaledale, moved away for further education at 16years old, teaching Outdoor Education is her vocation culminating in a Masters Degree in Education Management and being Head of an Outdoor Education Centre.  Lured back to Swaledale by the love of a man and his bikes, Bren is also a CTC qualified Mountain Bike Leader so knows a thing or two about bikes too.

We are really proud of the team we have working with us here, we all live nearby and dare we say but everyone is 'local'.  Being part of the community, adding to the community and the local economy was always one of our aims.  Clare and Katy have worked with us since the day we opened, with Alice (Katy's sister) joining us 3 years ago.  Josh and Yvette have been part of the team here for 4 years and Ian a relative new lad has been with us for 18months.  Young Tommy started as a Saturday lad back when he was just 15 years old cleaning bikes and helping out, now he has grown up but he's still Young Tommy here..

We are truly passionate about Swaledale, the Yorkshire Dales and biking in all it's forms, that's lucky then!

We really hope you enjoy your Dales Bike Centre experience whatever you're up to, and please do say Hi.